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Chemicals, natural repellents, and sundries

Chemicals (thickening agents and CMC)

Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) for industrial use
We import and sell CMC.

CMC is one of the most widely distributed cellulose derivative water-soluble polymers. It comes in many varieties in terms of viscosity (molecular mass) and degree of etherification (degree of substitution).
CMC features excellent thickening properties, water absorbability, and water retention ability. Derived from natural cellulose, CMC is also a highly eco-friendly material with moderate biodegradability.
Its major applications include adhesives for pet products (litter box filler and others), synthetic detergents, adhesive for educational materials, civil engineering and boring, and building materials. It is also frequently used in a wide variety of other fields.


Natural repellents

We plan, develop, and sell products for repelling animals or insects.

Made from naturally derived ingredients, our natural repellents are friendly and harmless for the environment and people.
They are also relatively safe for living things other than their targets. They can be used in products with a large number of polymer and have an affinity for thermosetting polymers and thermoplastic polymers.
The use of raw materials that have an affinity for these polymers permits the development of a wide range of products, such as agricultural materials, piping materials, paper and non-woven fabric, residential materials, and coating materials.
Because they are naturally derived materials, they are appropriate for environmental measures.
We will propose unprecedented product plans.



We plan, manufacture, and sell low-cost products that take advantage of new materials and functions.

To cater to diversified consumer needs, we plan, manufacture, and sell low-cost products that take advantage of new materials and functions.We identify potential consumer needs by collecting and analyzing information from a wide range of sources in Japan and overseas. Therefore, we link the development of products with new value and strategic sales promotion measures, making proposals that will generate demand.


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