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Abrasive powder

Abrasive powder sold

Major places of production

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • India

We sell various types of abrasive powder mainly produced in the above three countries.
We also obtained ISO certification for our environmental management system initiatives.



Abrasive powder

High quality and adaptability that conform to ISO standards

The abrasive power that we supply features the thorough quality control taken at designated plants in Japan and other countries (compliant with ISO standards).
In addition to boasting our extensive supply track record, we have established a stable supply system to cater to a variety of customer needs.
Major applications of abrasive powders are high-precision processing, wrapping, and cutting of ceramics, crystal, silica glass, silicon wafers, and others, raw materials for refractories, and materials for abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, and sharpening stones for high-precision processing. We provide these and other products for diverse applications in Japan and overseas.
We offer a wide lineup of abrasive powder, from coarse-grained powder (#16 to #220) to fine powder (#240 to #8000)


High purity alumina abrasive powder

Brown alumina abrasive powder
White alumina abrasive powder

High purity alumina abrasive powder

Black silicon carbide abrasive powder
Green silicon carbide abrasive powder
各種研磨材/各種耐火材 In addition to A powder, WA powder, C powder, and GC powder, we handle a wide variety of abrasive powder and refractory materials, such as PA powder and garnet. We offer zircon (zircon sand, zircon oxide, zircon silicate, and others), various ceramic materials (alumina and others), and different refractories (bauxite, kaolin, and others). We sell a wide variety of products in accordance with customer needs. Major applications of these products range from widely-used products, such as iron and steel, glass and ceramics, and ceramic materials, to special products.

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